Cobblestone Communications is a one man show, offering Maine the best web design and social media services in Maine. We build websites and manage social media communications for financial institutions, blue collar work, libraries, churches, town governments, and other nonprofits.

Our goal is to help you cultivate real, quality relationships with your communities, patrons, and supporters through clear and user-friendly online communication.


Cobblestone Communications specializes in creating search engine, mobile and user-friendly websites and accompanying social media page(s). We can also manage the content of both for as long as you'd like.

We are a small business concerned with serving, fair pricing and flexibility are of course a priority. If you're interested in getting a cost estimate,

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For better or worse, having a website is now almost as important as having a phone number. A website does not need to be super fancy and expensive to get the job done, but it does need to reflect the current state of your organization — and it should be user-friendly and mobile friendly. We can build you a beautiful, accessible, mobile responsive site (in WordPress or another platform). And we'll make it easy for you to keep it updated with news, information, photos or anything else you might want. 

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Social media is a great way to connect with your community. It's also a great way to build a living portfolio of your organization's voice and identity. We do not believe that you need to have a presence on every social media platform out there — you would go crazy — but having some meaningful presence can help tell your story. We'll take a look at all your existing accounts at the beginning of our partnership and make recommendations based on your organization's needs. Then we can hand the reins over to you or we can manage your accounts going forward.

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We are a true SEO company in Maine that knows the in and outs of the Google search algorithem. Secured Tech Solution, has for the better part of a decade now, placed companies on the first page of Google, with relitive ease. This is what sets us apart from all the web design companies in Maine offering SEO service. We are an SEO company that offers a web design service. We beleive so much in our ability to attain worthwhile keywords in your industry that it is often reflected in the way we structure payment, because we beleive in our ability. We will ensure that your website is appropriately compliant with Google's (and other search engine's) requirements, and keep track of site analytics to understand who you are reaching and where improvements can be made. We will never use "click bait," invasive advertising, or invasive tracking methods that make your community members feel as though their privacy has been breached.

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